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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s my interest rate?

Interest rates can vary depending on the age of your credit file, credit score, assets and liabilities as well as the age of the good you are buying

our rates start at 5.08% for brand new cars and go up form there.

Can I exit my loan early?

Yes generally if you are not in a lease, loan exit fees are quite small as low as $10 for every month you terminate early, i.e. 10 months early $100 fee

Do I get charged if I’m unsuccessful?

There is no charge to you if your application is declined, our fees are charged to the lender not to you.

What’s difference between loan and a lease?

A lease is for business use and will be 100% tax deductible however you will also have large break fees if you try to terminate your lease early.

Will it show on my credit file if I’m declined?

No, it does not show on your credit file as a “declined”. It shows enquiry for finance, but more than 6 a year can slow your chances.

How long does the whole process take before I can pick up my vehicle?

Once your loan is approved and signed by you we settle your deal and pay the vendor within 24 hours into their bank account.

Do I have to pay the fees myself?

Any fees and charges such as government registration or brokerage will be added to your loan and you should not have any out of pocket expense for these.

What do I need to supply in order to get a loan?

To speed your loan up there will be 3 things we need to confirm, your income, your id, and a receipt for the goods your buying.

What is the minimum amount I can get a loan for?

We can normally get you a loan for any amount over $7,000.

Other Questions

There may be more questions you have which we will be happy to answer for you. Please use our Contact Us page to send us any other questions.

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